Ledermeister Cuff Set


Ledermeister style Wrist and Ankle cuff set. Cut and styled to the original designs of Ron’s originals. These cuffs will compliment any of the ledermeister range available.

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The retro style that has become iconic over the years. Ron’s designs have stood out from all the rest as one of the most beautiful styles of bondage gear ever. Unfortunately, Ron’s passing has left a large hole in the B&D community and the lack of available pieces he left behind is slowly diminishing from the scene. Sometimes, if your lucky, you may find someone wishing to dispose of a piece of Ron’s work but they have fast become collectors items, raising silly prices.

Here at Fantasy Leather, Fran (now semi retired) re-creates the magical items and accessories to Ron’s original designs with great accuracy.

Using the best calf leathers available in the UK. First taking a main coloured hide and laminating another together to give a face to both with different colour schemes inside and outside of the item. Each part of the cuff set is then cut out by hand and shaped and edged to perfection before being adorned with studs, rivets, dee rings and buckles etc., all of which are as true as possible to Ledermeister’s original.

When assembled it is difficult to tell the original from Fran’s. On the original the edges are dyed or painted to give the red effect. However, Fran uses only a dyed through hide which took a lot of finding and now the original Black/Red scheme edges are red without dye or paint and is very soft to the touch. Other colour variations still however need to be dyed.

Being calf or veal, they are extremely soft and comfortable to wear and when warmed by the body will lay to the wearers shape perfectly. Ledermeister style collars, body harness, Pony bridles and Pony Harnesses all compliment each other in style and elegance.

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Black/Red, Black/White, Blue/Black, Blue/White, Pink/Black, Pink/White, Red/Black, Red/White, White/Black, White/Blue, White/Red


Wrist Only, Ankle Only, Complete Set

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