Ledermeister Bridle


The Ledermeister Leather Show Bridle is true to the original with no exception. The bridle features removable blinkers and is complete with a 4″ nylon bit which is also removable and can be replaced with other varieties available on the market. The bridle does not come with a plume, these can be purchased with a choice of colours from our accessories page.

The bridle can also be seen worn by Anna Rose courtesy of “House of Gord” Anna has her own website kinkyponygirl.com

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The Leather Ledermeister Show Bridle comes complete with a removable 4″ nylon bit and an attachment for the use of a Ledermeister head plume (as seen in the product picture and will accept all Ledermeister plumes previously purchased. Plumes can be bought separately from our accessories pages. All plumes available are made to fit either general bridles or Ledermeister bridles, please be careful to choose the right one required.

Bridle sizing is one size fits all and should fit most heads unless your pony might have an extra large head in which case by informing us at the order page we can make the necessary adjustments before it leaves our workshops. All fittings are nickel plated including the bit rings.

Again this Bridle as with all unique Ledermeister Gear is very soft calf/veal hide, laminated to give the two distinctive colours that has become the norm with the famous Ledermeister products and moulds beautifully to the contours of the wearer.

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Black/Red, Black/White, Blue/Black, Blue/White, Pink/Black, Pink/White, Red/Black, Red/White, White/Black, White/Blue, White/Red

Other pictures

Anna Rose being prepared for pony training at the Gord Mansion showing close up pictures of the bridle.
Anna has her own website at: http://www.kinkyponygirl.com where you will also see many of our other products being used that compliment this bridle…….